10 ways to create a great selfie

10 ways to create a great selfie

2013 being oxford dictionaries year of the selfie, it’s about time we gave selfie some love. Let’s examine some ways you can post a great selfie.

1. Include something interesting

We’ve all seen the infamous selfie pout, especially you serial selfie takers out there. Next time you quick-draw your smart phone for another fresh selfie spice it up, pick up your trusty shitsu and include him in the shot with you. Nothing says awesome selfie like a friendly house hold pet.

2. Fit your entire head in frame

There’s nothing like partially decapitating yourself with the frame of the photo. When taking those precious unrepeatable selfies, capture your whole head in frame with a solid background to maximise likes and praise from adoring fans.

Kim Kardashian guide to selfie3. Watch the pout

We know you ladies and some of you fellas are quite partial to the duck face, but it’s about time we as a society took a stand and reigned in our pouts. If you’ve pouted every photo for the last 5, your Instagram users could probably use a break from your bountiful lips; dial it back for a few.

4. Include a background that pops

Clearly the prime focus of any selfie is you, but everything else in that shot is going to contribute to the reception of your selfie. As a result you want to pick your background right! Contrasting yourself with the background will make you pop from the page, if your darker jump in front of a lighter background. If you have fairer hair, position yourself against a dark background.

5. Choosing the right filter

Selecting an appropriate filter can be the hardest part of an ‘Instagramers’ day and the decision should not be taken lightly! If you haven’t quite managed to hit the beach as much as you wanted, and are worried your tan isn’t quite there, use a nice dark filter like ‘Sutro’ or ‘x-pro II’. If you’re having a poor skin day or feel like your face could benefit from some help use a low fidelity filter like ‘1977’ or ‘Nashville’.

6. Angles

When it comes to selfies, angles are vital for accentuating the right assets and hiding the wrong ones. An avid selfie taker knows not to take a selfie from below the chin pointing upwards, as this has the potential to reveal a double chin. Conversely selfies taken directly in front are neutral and selfies taken from above looking down tend to over accentuate certain elements, though that’s normally intentional.

7. No mirror selfies

The mirror selfie was so 2012 its time to put that one to bed. The only time mirrors should be used, are as an external view finder to better point your camera.

8. Don’t post drunken selfies till sober

I know for a lot of you coming home from a night out clearly plastered, taking a selfie seems like an amazing idea; it’s probably definitely not. If you must capture those moments of post night club euphoria, sleep on them and check them in the morning and if they cut the scrutiny of your sober eye then upload them.

9. Don’t pull a Kristen Stewart

You may enjoy the Derek Zoolander blue steel look but it worked for him for a reason. There’s no good reason to repeat the same look over and over again in every selfie. Showing a full range of emotion through your selfies will set you apart from the Kristen Stewarts.

10.  Selfie diversity

With so many suggestions listed above its clear you have options, so use them! If you must post selfies frequently use our tips to create some diversity. If you have a habit of taking a selfie in your room everyday people will become bored. Move around the place, go for a walk, and find something that can accompany your face, use props. Diversity drives interest.


Image: Metro

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