5 Professional cameras

5 Professional cameras

Professional photographers are always on the lookout for the newest and best camera equipment money can buy. Even though they can be expensive, it produces great quality photos for any occasion. So after some research, here are the best digital cameras for professional photographers and the estimated prices (not including lenses).

Canon EOs 7D

The Canon Eos 7D is the cheapest camera on the list. The key features include; 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor, 8 frames per second continuous shooting, 3.0 inch clear view II LCD screen, 1080p HD video recording, 19-point AF system, 1.0x magnification and 100% viewfinder and environmental sealing.

Canon EOs 5D

Coming in second is the Canon Eos 5D. This high quality digital SLR has a range of key features; 35.8×23.9mm CMOS, 2.5inch TFT LCD, 230,000 pixels and can shoot up to 3 frames per second. Even though this camera hasn’t been deemed as a professional camera, it has all the qualities that professional photographers look for in a high quality DSLR.

Nikon D4

Last year Nikon released the D4, their most powerful camera at the time. Some of the key features include; 16MP FX CMOS, 10 frames per second with a 3.2inch LCD screen. This camera is great for full-time professionals. It is one of the most professional cameras Nikon has ever produced.

Pentax 645D

The price on the Pentax 645D can capture great photos that have a high professional quality. The highlight features for the Pentax 645D are; 40MP CCD sensor, 3 inch LCD screen and can shoot up to 1.1 frames per second.

Canon EOS-1D C

Last on the list is the Canon EOS-1D C. The most expensive camera on the list is of course the best camera on the market. Reserved only for the serious professional, the key features on this large SLR camera include; 4k shooting pixels, 18MP CMOS and a 3.2inch screen. This camera was produced by Canon, along with discussions with Hollywood and television producers, to ensure that this camera was up to scratch and had all the features they and other professional photographers would need.

When buying a new professional quality camera the best advice we can give is to shop around and bargain. These cameras are not cheap and should only be left to the professionals.


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