Creative Family Portraits

Creative Family Portraits

For many of us, family photos usually mean standing perfectly still and putting on a fake smile while the photographer captures this boring image that will be hung on your wall for years to come. Tony Hakim recommends you try something out of the ordinary, something that will crack a smile when friends come to visit, and something that you’ll have fun being a part of. Below we’ve compiled some of the most creative family portraits to give you some ideas.



This Modern Family-esque is a great way to turn some heads and have your guests wondering how you pulled it off.

Creative Family Portraits

Super Family

A different take on the classic jumping photo, this family look like they’re going about a regular day.

Creative Family Portraits

Christmas Photo

This Christmas photo requires a lot of talent and co-ordination from your family to pull off.

Creative Family Portraits


This photo is a great way to show the similarities in the family, but isn’t your standard family portrait.

Creative Family Portraits


This is another great idea that requires some moving around and having fun creating your family portrait.

Creative Family Portraits

Themed Family Photo

This is a great one for the pop culture fans. You can use inspiration from any cult film to inspire your family photo.





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