Photography trends from 2013

Photography trends from 2013

Every year there’s new trends that captivate audiences’ interest. There are always those that try to attempt the ultimate achievement of replicating the trend. Being a photographer, either a professional or amateur photographer, trends are important. So here are a number of photography trends from 2013.


It used to be a blasphemous area in the world of photography, but it looks like it is the new favourite tool to use. Photo manipulation is now seen as art. Enhancing a photograph, either with a simple airbrush or changing colours and highlighting areas are now the trend. Nevertheless this tool is one that was bound to make it into the trending list.


Instagram and snapchat are two applications that have made an impact in the social media world. These free applications allow you to take photos with your mobile and share them with friends. When posting on Instagram, there are a range of filters you can use to enhance your photo. Once it has been uploaded you can hashtag, tag fellow friends and comment on pictures. Snapchat is a fun way of sharing photos or very short videos to friends. But remember, with snapchat once you take a photo and send it, it will not be saved to your phone.

The Polaroid


Everyone knows it as the Polaroid, the vintage photo that instantly prints from the camera. Nowadays, if you want to buy one of these gems you will find Fujifilm’s have taken their place. Even though they are smaller prints compared to the original Polaroid, these cameras are a great addition to the party. Bringing back the past to the present gives you a nostalgic feeling.

The Wedding Trend

Two trends that are making it known at weddings are the vintage photo-shoot and the photo booth. The vintage photo-shoot combines old and retro glamour. Along with vintage photography effects, this will give your wedding album a whole new life. The photo booth is one great addition to a wedding or any party really. A black backdrop, a case full of props and a room full of guests that have been on the bubbly will create funny and memorable photos.


Image: VisualizeUs

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