How to Take Great Photos of Your Pets

How to Take Great Photos of Your Pets

Taking great photos of your pet can be tricky. Most of the time the biggest battle is actually getting them to sit still. Here at Tony Hakim Animal Lover we understand how much your pets mean to you and how much you love creating memories with them. Tony Hakim has some hot tips and tricks on how to take great photos of your pets so you can capture those happy moments and memories.

Get on their level

By coming Take Great Photos of Your Petsdown to their eye level, which usually means lying on the floor, you will get a much nicer picture. We always see our pets from above (unless your pet happens to be a giraffe), so it is nice to get an image of them from down on their level and in their world. By focusing on your pets eyes, you will get to see more of their character shining through in your photo.

Use natural light

This pretty much goes for all photography, but natural light is quite important when it comes to your pet. If you use a flash you will often get some serious red-eye, making your pet look much more evil than they actually are. You could also scare your pet away with the flash, and we definitely don’t want that.

Surprise them

As we said earlier, getting your pet to sit still is one of the most challenging parts of this process. It is a good idea to quietly set up your camera while your pet is playing or snoozing and then when you are ready to shoot, call out to them. This way they will look over to you and be still for a moment while they check out what you want. This is the perfect time to take a few snaps.

In motion

Motion shots are fantastic for capturing your pet’s personality and energy. A good action shot of your dog running like a maniac after a ball is always a winner. To take a really good motion shot, it is best to use a fast shutter speed and a continuous focus mode rather than single-shot.

So there you go, now it’s time to go and have some quality time with that furry member of the family and take some awesome photos that you can treasure forever. We hope that these tips from Tony Hakim will allow you to capture the spirit and personality of your beloved pet.


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