Top 10 Australian Photographers

Top 10 Australian Photographers

For most for us photography is just a cherished hobby, but there are some extremely talented Australians who are famous for their happy snaps. Tony Hakim Photography uncovers some of the best known Australian photographers.

Ken DuncanTop 10 Australian Photographers

Duncan is a strong supporter of ‘photography as art’ and continues to influence amateur photographers around the world. He is best known for his stunning panoramic (or Panograph) photography and his work has international recognition. Duncan was once the preferred photographer of Midnight Oil and received an International Diamond Award and International Music Photographer of the year award for his photographs of the band. See more of his work at – http://www.kenduncan.com/about-ken

Midnight Oil by Ken Duncan


Top 10 Australian Photographers




Peter Lik

Lik is a world-renowned and highly awarded landscape photographer. He is entirely self-taught and made headlines in 2012 when he sold the photograph titled “One” for a whopping $1 million. Lik also has two photographs, “Ghost” and “Inner peace”, showcased at the famous Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. Check out his website for more of his amazing work – http://www.lik.com/


One by Peter Lik


Max Dupain (1911 – 1992)

Born in 1911, Dupain was an avid photographer until his passing in 1992. He was best known for his black and white architectural and landscape photography but also photographed nudes, still life and portraits. As a pioneer of photography in the 1930’s, his work helped to capture the evolving beach culture of Australia.

 Top 10 Australian Photographers



The Sunbaker by Max Dupain





Narelle Autio

Autio is one of Australia’s top female photographers and has held highly regarded positions within the Australian News Limited (UK division) and the Sydney Morning Herald. Through collaboration with Trent Parke, Autio published “The Seventh Wave” which was runner up in the American Pictures of the Year competition for the best photography books. Autio has won awards for her photography of the arts, nature and environment. She was also voted one of top 50 most collectable Australian artists by the Australian Art Collectors Magazine in 2001.

Top 10 Australian Photographers

Untitled #59 by Narelle Autio








Olive Cotton (1911 – 2003)

Cotton was one of Australia’s pioneering modernist female photographers of the 1930’s and 40’s. Her work has been exhibited in the New South Wales Photographic Society’s Interstate Exhibition, the David Jones Gallery in Sydney, the Horsham Regional Gallery, the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the National Gallery of Australia.

Top 10 Australian Photographers 






Only to taste the warmth, the light, the wind by Olive Cotton





Steve Parish

Parish is a multi-award winning wildlife photographer and publisher. Famous for his images of the Australian wilderness he has now been travelling and photographing Australia for over 50 years. As an avid photographer for so many years, Parish is said to have one of the largest photographic libraries of wildlife in Australia. Parish’s images can now be purchased in a range of books, calendars, as posters and prints and contemporary stationery and gifts. Check out his website for his stunning products – Steve Parish

Top 10 Australian Photographers

Bridled Nailtail Wallaby, embracing joey by Steve Parish









Jesse Marlow

Marlow is a Melbourne based photographer and has been capturing street life for over 17 years. Made famous by his Street Photography, his work has been seen in several local and international newspapers and magazines. His work has also been housed in numerous public and private collections across Australia. He has won several awards including; first place in the Australian Hasselblad X-Pan Masters competition in 2002, the International Street Photography Prize in 2011 and the MGA Bowness Prize in 2012.

Top 10 Australian Photographers

Image from Wounded collection by Jesse Marlow










Kristian Dowling

Dowling was one of Australia’s newest entertainment/celebrity photographers. He has photographed some of the world’s most important events including the New York fashion week, Cannes Film festival and the MTV Music awards. More recently Dowling went on tour with Katy Perry to photograph her performances.

See some of Dowling’s amazing work at – http://kristiandowling.com/

Top 10 Australian Photographers







Katy Perry by Kristian Dowling








Peter Dombrovskis (1945 – 1996)

Peter is best known for his Tasmanian wilderness photography and his strong opinions on the conservation of the environment. He was the first Australian to be inducted into the International Photography Hall of Fame in the United States. He has had exhibitions in the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria and many more. Peter passed away in 1996 while photographing in the southwest of Tasmania; his work is permanently on display at the National Library of Australia for future generations to enjoy.

Top 10 Australian Photographers

Morning Mist by Peter Dombrovskis









Frank Hurley (1885 – 1962)

Frank has been an influential photographer since the 1900’s. He was one of the first photographers to accompany explorers to Antarctica. Later he served as a war photographer in the first and second World Wars where he captured several spectacular battlefield scenes. Frank’s collection of work can be found at the Australian War Memorial, National Library of Australia, Royal Geographical Society in London and the South Australian Museum.

Top 10 Australian Photographers


Supports going up after battle to relieve the

 front trenches by Frank Hurley








All of these photographers have made their mark on the industry; however, this is just a small snippet of the photography talent that Australia has to offer. What do you think? Is there anyone you would add?



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